School Managing Committee
Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel
Chairman- Board of Directors, Indian Schools Oman

Mr. C. M. Najeeb
Director-in-charge, IS Nizwa

Mr. Nitheesh Sundaresan
Director-in-charge, IS Nizwa

Mr. Fazal Ur Rahman
Ph: 94050372
Email: fazal.rahman@nct.edu.om
Mr. Shereef T.S
Ph: 99029192
Email: sheriffpandalam@gmail.com
Mr. Mufeed Pulath
Academic Sub-Committee – Chair
Ph: 91383408
Email: mufeedpulath@gmail.com
Mr. Arun Prasad
Sports & Cocurricular Sub-Committee – Chair
Ph: 93262314
Email: prasadarun101@gmail.com
Mr. Noushad Kakkeri
Purchases Sub-Committee – Chair
Ph: 96597969
Email: noushadkakkeri@gmail.com
Vinodkumar U Kakde
Grievances & IT Sub-committee - Chair
Ph: 98218169
Email: vinodkumar.kakde@gmail.com
Dr. Amal Raj
Health, Safety & Welfare Sub-Committee-Chair
Ph: 96149381
Email: amalprisci@gmail.com
Mr. Sunil Prakash Pillai
Ph: 99068749
Email: sunilprakashpillai@gmail.com
Mr. John Dominic George A
Ph: 25449286
Email: principal@isnizwa.org


Students seeking admission must meet the requirements set by the school. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the successive classes.

Please see the Admission Guidelines for more information. For further enquiry please contact Indian School Nizwa - Administration department.


TENDER NOTICE : Indian School Nizwa

Click to download the Tender Notice: http://isnizwa.org/uploads/TenderNotice2018.pdf

For Further Details :

1. Cleaning Contract : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/Cleaning%20_Contract.pdf
2. Fire Insurance : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/Fire_Insurance.pdf
3. Staff Medical Insurance : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/Staff_Medical_Insurance.pdf
4. Workmen Compensation : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/Workmen_Compensation.pdf
5. Staff Group Accident Insurance : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/Staff_Group_Acc_Ins.pdf
6. Student Accident Insurance : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/Student_Acc_Ins.pdf
7. Hiring Vehicles : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/Hiring_Vehicles.pdf
8. Sewage Removal : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/Sewage_Removal.pdf
9. AMC Electrical & Plumbing : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/AMC_Ele_Plu.pdf
10. AMC for AC Maintenance : http://isnizwa.org/uploads/AMC_ForAC_Mnt.pdf


Various teaching aids like audio visuals, specimens etc. are used in the day to day classroom teaching. Journals for all the subjects as well as around more than 1000 books are also available for reading in the library.

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